Fly your own jet fighter at Blackpool Airport

Have you ever fancied taking to the skies Top Gun style? Now you can! Westair and 737PRO announce the launch of the new Air Combat Pro Simulator, based at Blackpool Airport.

Following on from the success of their 737PRO simulator, they saw a gap in the market for an advanced virtual reality, jet fighter, flight simulator which has now launched as Air Combat Pro.  Two identical VR simulators sit side-by-side so customers can share the experience flying alongside each other on a paired mission, or they can dogfight against each other.

Currently, it is the first twin motion VR flight simulator in the UK. There are other privately operated military aircraft simulators around the country but non have the adaptability or the complete immersive experience that Air Combat Pro delivers.

A key selling point of the Air Combat Pro sim is it isn’t a full sized cockpit, which means that customers can fly an F18 fighter jet one minute and a Spitfire the next. The software is so advanced that the US Air Force has started using it to train front line pilots.

The project is the brain child of Daniel May, who built the Westair 737PRO simulator. He said, “The Air Combat Pro simulator comprises two ‘full motion’ seats that move in response to control inputs.  The pilot wears a VR headset, and as the aircraft climbs or rolls the seats move to reflect what is seen in the headset. The aircraft are also fully functional, with HOTAS throttle systems and joysticks. It is a very convincing experience.

“Customers of all experience levels – from little or none to those with a deeper level of understanding – can come for a flight and they will leave having achieved different challenges and had a great time.”

As with the 737PRO simulator customers will be briefed and guided through the experience, and there is a large screen TV behind each of the two simulators so that those observing can watch exactly what the pilot is seeing.

The Air Combat Pro simulator will be based in the Westair Flying School premises at Blackpool Airport, alongside the 737PRO airliner simulator.

Gift vouchers are available now from the Air Combat Pro and 737PRO website.