New access road

A new road will connect Amy Johnson Way and Common Edge Road.

The new road will begin from Amy Johnson Way between Multi-Ply and Seneca House at the west, travelling east through the old Common Edge playing fields before joining Common Edge Road immediately north of South Shore Cricket Club and opposite Lytham St Annes Garden Centre.

The works will also include the widening of Common Edge Road to allow for additional traffic, as well as the demolition of a house on School Road and widening of the junction between Common Edge Road and School Road.

George Cox & Sons is the main contractor for the works.

During the works, Blackpool Council has requested that two-way traffic is maintained throughout. To make this happen, a temporary lane will be constructed first for traffic to use.

The road will allow the construction of new business units, bringing additional quality jobs to the Fylde coast. This road is funded predominantly by Blackpool Council, with the support of a £7.5m Government grant through the Blackpool Town Deal, meaning the majority of the work must be completed by March 2026. Throughout the works, a liaison officer will be available to answer questions and can be contacted via phone or WhatsApp.

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If you have any questions about the work, George Cox & Sons holds weekly drop in sessions for people to see the plans and ask questions every fortnight on a Tuesday morning. These will be advertised via the WhatsApp channel and newsletter. You can also contact the contractor directly on WhatsApp or voicemail on 07561 104 802.

A graphic showing the completed new road layout at Common Edge Road


Frequently asked questions

What will the completed road layout look like?

The road will start from Amy Johnson Way just south of the current offices for Multi-Ply. Heading east, it will snake across the old playing fields, before joining Common Edge Road just north of South Shore Cricket Club. Before the road reaches Common Edge Road, an extra access road heading due north will connect it up with Oakwood Close.

At Common Edge Road, new lanes will be created for traffic entering the new road.

At School Road, this junction will widen to cater for the additional lanes. It will also become a three-way junction, with Jepson Way closed to traffic, and residents at Oakwood Close entering the street via the new road. A map of the final layout is below.


Who is completing the works?

The works are being undertaken by George Cox & Sons, who were appointed via Blackpool Council’s framework for large highways works. The company has extensive experience working on Blackpool highways, and has previously constructed roads on the initial business park in the 1990s.


How long will the works take?

The works are expected to take 18 months in total, although not all of this will affect the current highway.


What will be the impact on traffic?

We have requested that two-way traffic is maintained as much as possible, with the majority of works not expected to need any additional temporary traffic lights, and not until the new M55 link road is open in June.

Some lights may be needed to divert some utilities but we are planning for this to take place after June, and are aiming for all utility providers to do the diversion works together.

See the video below how we aim to build the road while maintaining two-way traffic.


Why can’t the work be delayed until North Houses Road is open?

The new road connecting Amy Johnson Way and Common Edge Road has been granted £7.5m of funding from the Government’s Town Deal, and as such there are deadlines that the money must be claimed by March 2026, meaning the construction must start this summer.

If delayed, the cost to Blackpool Council would increase as a result of unclaimed Town Deal grant, plus an increase to the contractor’s cost from inflation, and the impact from lost land sales and business rates. If we are unable to start work in early 2024, it is unlikely that we would be able to build the road, and people in Blackpool and Fylde would miss out on major investment that will create jobs for local people.

We understand from Lancashire County Council that the new M55 link road at North Houses Road is expected to open in June 2024. Our project will work away from the main road between now and June and will maintain two way flowing traffic.


Why is the Clifton Drive cycleway extension happening at the same time? Do you co-operate with Lancashire County Council?

The Clifton Drive work is expected to run from 8 April to 1 August. We have been told by Lancashire County Council that current traffic flows will be maintained. Temporary traffic lights will be used at the junction with Highbury Road West, but on the same flow as normal.

The Enterprise Zone roadworks will largely happen off the highway, and are not expected to create additional traffic lights other than during utility diversions, which we will aim to do after June 2024 when the new link road at North Houses Road is open.


Who is paying for the works?

The works are being paid for by Blackpool Council. The total cost for the road is £18.4m, including diversion of utilities and new connections, as well as groundworks and the contractor’s work to build the new road. As part of Blackpool’s Town Deal, £7.5m has been granted by the UK Government towards the scheme, also requiring the work to be largely complete by March 2026.


How will impact on traffic be reduced?

A Blackpool Council condition of the works is that two way traffic is maintained at Common Edge Road as much as possible. This means running lanes will have to be built for traffic to drive on before a lane is closed.

Some traffic management will be needed to divert utilities, however the contractor is co-ordinating this together to reduce the need for disruption.


Why can’t the work be done at night without impacting traffic?

Constructing the work at night would increase the cost of the road considerably, making it unaffordable. It would also create major problems for local residents due to noise.

Some final parts of the road, including final resurfacing, may have to be done overnight, however, under a road closure.


Are there any plans for public transport through the new road

A travel study to determine the appetite for a bus service through the business park is currently taking place.


Will the road be better for cyclists/active travel?

Yes, it is has been designed with active travel routes in mind, making it safer for cyclists and walkers.


What will the new road be called?

A name for the new road will be announced in due course

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