EC Ecology’s bid to reduce single-use plastics

Plastic pollution has got way out of hand. We need to stop using single use plastic,” says Carly Green, Co-Owner of EC Ecology

Carly and Andrew Green didn’t need an added incentive to change the way they thought about plastics. “As a mum of three, I’ve always worried about the effect we are having on the environment and what sort of planet my children are going to inherit,” Carly confessed. “As a family we’ve been trying to minimise our use of plastics for some time.”

But then David Attenborough’s campaigning brought home the true scale of the problem, and something clicked. Like everyone else, I think we were horrified at seeing the sheer number of disposable plastic vessels in our oceans and the impact plastic is having on the natural world,” Carly explained. “We realised we wanted to make a difference, not just to the way we used plastics in our life – but to the way we all use plastics.”

Carly and Andrew sold Giggles, their St Anne’s nursery, and founded EC Ecology based on Blackpool Airport Enterprise Zone. Now, they’re on a mission to cut single-use plastics across the Fylde Coast and beyond with the launch of a series of funky alternatives to single use plastic bottles, designed by Andrew, who is a children’s author and illustrator of the popular book “Who’s Taken It?”.

The stainless steel products are reusable, leak-free and keep the drinks inside hot or cold through double-wall vacuum technology. With a range of vibrant designs, they enable every user to take a small step towards helping save the planet in style.

Carly and Andrew sought strategic growth advice from Blackpool Unlimited business advisor Donna Taylor, who also helped ensure EC Ecology’s products complied with EU regulations. Now EC Ecology is working with the North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce to source and develop other innovative, reusable products for businesses and households.

Carly is also working on a project to deliver talks to local school children across the Fylde Coast on the importance of recycling and the benefits that they can make to the environment.

She explained. “We’re not pretending one bottle changes the world. But one reusable bottle can stop lots of single use plastics finding their way to the ocean or landfill. We believe that’s worthwhile.

Sir David Attenborough has shown us that we need to change our ways – and that we’re running out of time. It’s going to take lots of small changes to add up to one big difference – but changing the bottles we drink from is a start.”

Blackpool Unlimited’s G4B High Growth Business Advisor, Donna Taylor said: “Carly and Andrew have a real passion for saving our planet and eradicating single-use plastics. Their products are of an exceptionally high standard, and Carly has been careful to source the materials to make these from trusted and ethical manufacturers. The company ethos is just fantastic.

I am delighted to have been able to offer advice and guidance for this exciting and innovative Fylde Coast business.”

The business also supplies stainless steel Champagne and Prosecco flutes, that are popular among event and festival promoters for their durable and eco-friendly manufacturing.

Cllr Mark Smith, Cabinet Member for Business, Enterprise and Job Creation said: “It’s essential for us to support our local business community. The G4B service is designed to help established organisations of all shapes and sizes to achieve their aspirations. Businesses who choose to use this service will be given a dedicated advisor who has real-world experience of growing and running businesses. With this approach, Blackpool business owners will be able to turn their ambition, plans, and hard work into real growth”.