A Digital Vision for Blackpool

Blackpool Council and The Blackpool Pride of Place Partnership has brought together a group of leaders from business, the public sector and the local community to create a ‘Digital Vision’ for Blackpool.

In a world where digital is a key enabler, the partnership wanted to create a vision, with a road map to enable Blackpool to become the smartest and best-connected town in the UK.

Workshops were recently held to to build a plan for the digital economy to improve the socio-economic outcomes for Blackpool. The workshops explored how to:

  • Build on Blackpool’s key digital infrastructure so it becomes a catalyst for transformation
  • Shape Blackpool’s digital narrative as one that develops, nurtures, and attracts employment and industry
  • Strengthen economic growth
  • Map Blackpool’s digital economy to evolve and thrive post COVID-19
  • Create better lives

Riding the digital wave

The 2030 Digital Vision created was entitled: ‘Riding the digital wave to economic and social prosperity’

Representatives from the community, health, transport, education and business, pooled together ideas for the resort’s digital future, with a focus on improving citizen’s digital literacy, supporting tech start-ups and ensuring access to affordable high-speed broadband for all Blackpool residents.

Due to £3.1m of government funding (DCMS), Fibre Blackpool is a co-operative project, sharing resources to expand a Local Full Fibre Network (LFFN) giving an improved broadband internet connection to residents and businesses. Visit Fibre Blackpool for more information and to register your interest.

It also seeks to capitalise on the installation of the North Atlantic Loop, a sub-sea fibre-optic cable connecting the UK to New York and mainland Europe, which landed on Blackpool’s shores in October last year.  

The ‘Digital Vision’ sets out an ambitious plan for the next nine years, which aligns with the 2030 Town Prospectus, published by the Blackpool Pride of Place Partnership last year. This is all part of a vision for Blackpool to be a thriving coastal community by 2030.

As part of this work, Blackpool has been awarded infrastructure funding of £39.5m from the Government’s Towns Fund to help boost the local economy.

If you or your business are interested in taking part in further sessions to be held over the summer, then please contact Laura.James@bitc.org.uk.

More information about Blackpool’s Digital Strategy

Alan Cavill, Blackpool Council: “Blackpool Council has been delighted to be involved in the process of putting this Digital Vision together working with many partners across the area.  It is an exciting vision for the future, putting Blackpool at the heart of a digital future, we look forward to seeing it come to fruition”.

Tara McDaid, Cisco: “Digital transformation is key to enable improved social and economic outcomes.  The Digital Vision for Blackpool is unique to the town, and will now help to ensure that no-one is left behind.”

Tracy Hopkins, Citizen’s Advice Blackpool: “Developing an inclusive Digital Vision is vital for Blackpool to thrive.  Digital inclusion is particularly important for communities to develop resilience and my involvement in the Digital Vision Workshops has been about ensuring more vulnerable communities are not left behind.”

Tripta Kershaw, Koerber:  “We are very excited to be taking part in the shaping of the Blackpool Digital Strategy. 

“A Blackpool based Voice technology business for 21 years, at Körber Supply Chain we are shaping the supply chain of the future with new technologies including Automation, Robots, Artificial Intelligence and Digitalisation.

“The Digital Strategy is a great opportunity for us to work together with local businesses, schools and colleges to develop and nurture the next generation of Digital and Innovation skills and talent for our business and our clients.

“The vision to develop employment and economic growth in our region is fantastic news and we are pleased to be part of the Blackpool digital future plans.”