Two neighbouring companies have clubbed together to provide a 24 hour Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) outside their business premises on Blackpool Airport Enterprise Zone.

Private Label Nutrition and DPA Packaging made the decision to invest in a life-saving defibrillator machine after staff from both companies recently underwent First Aid Training and learnt about the important benefits of having a defibrillator machine close by. Both companies have fully funded the 24 hour public access box, the only one currently registered on the Enterprise Zone, and can be found on the front of the building between Private Label Nutrition and DPA Packaging, Amy Johnson Court, Amy Johnson Way.

James Wilson from Private Label Nutrition said, “The machines are still quite expensive to buy and so we felt that we should share it with the local business community as it could save someone’s life. They are easy to use and instructions are clear to follow in an emergency. When you call 999 the operator will direct you to the nearest machine and ours is now included on the list of locations.”

A defibrillator is a device that gives a high energy electric shock to the heart of someone who is in cardiac arrest. This high energy shock is called defibrillation, and it’s an essential part in trying to save the life of someone who’s in cardiac arrest. After calling 999 and performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), using a defibrillator is the best way to increase the chances of someone surviving a cardiac arrest. After a cardiac arrest, every minute without CPR and defibrillation reduces someone’s chance of survival by 10 per cent.

For more information on how to apply for your own PAD or to register a new machine, please visit British Heart Foundation or the NW Ambulance Service where there is lots of useful information on how to get involved. 

*Key Statistics

  • Over 30,000 out of hospital cardiac arrests occur in the UK annually and without early recognition and CPR the survival rate is very low
  • Access to public access defibrillators significantly increase the chance of survival, allowing the heart to be restarted with a shock from the defibrillator 
  • For every minute delayed, someone’s chance of survival may be reduced by 10%
  • Automated defibrillators are designed to be used by the non-trained user and will only ever deliver a shock to a patient when needed.

*Information provided by Cheryl Pickstock, North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust, Paramedic and chain of survival lead.

There are a number of defibrillators down the promenade in Blackpool, in tram stops and other areas of tourist interest. NWAS have worked with the Sandcastle Water Park, Blackpool Coastal Housing and Blackpool Transport to increase provision of public access defibrillators.