Employee support available for cost of living

Support is available for EZ businesses who may have employees with money worries.

With the rising cost of living, one in four employees has money worries, which can result in lost worker days and reduced productivity.

CLEVR Money, which operates as the Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre Credit Union, can support businesses to reduce the impact of financial worries on their staff by supporting responsible saving and affordable loans at a low interest rate, with any profits reinvested in the local community.

CLEVR Money can set up savings accounts for employees that are automatically saved via salary deduction, in turn reducing the risk of employees requiring short term loan sharks, and in turn reducing absenteeism, sickness and staff turnover.

It’s payroll scheme is a free service to companies and employees.

To find out more, CLEVR Money is hosting an event on 6 October at The Solaris Centre on South Promenade. Register here to find out more about the event.